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JANUARY 12, 2024 

At the mosque, when Muslims worship, there is no music—no songs, no hymns. To rejoice in the Lord is foreign to their worship. Yet, music is the language of the soul. This week we are praying that the Church will be prepared with a body of hymns, songs and choruses that speak to Muslims, help them put their faith in Christ and bring them into mature Christian living through lyrics and verse that touch their hearts, minds and emotions. 

We all like music that is relevant to our culture. So, translating Christian songs from English and other Western languages will not produce music that Muslims readily respond to. 

Because of television, the Internet and other media, Western styles of music have at times found their way into the psyches of some Muslim young people. But these are few in number compared with the vast populations that are unmoved and unimpressed with music unless it is relevant to their culture!


O Creator of ear, hearing and music, of sounds, melodies and tunes, we thank you and give you praise and glory for your handiwork. Bring many Muslims to Christ and help them discover the thrill of worshiping you with melody and song. 

We pray that you will raise up believers, converts from Islam, who can write Spirit-inspired, Bible-based, culturally-appropriate lyrics and music that will touch the heart and soul of other Muslims, bring them to Christ, and encourage them to worship him as their Lord and Savior. 

Sovereign Lord, we are praying about a task that only you can accomplish. We are asking for such music in as many languages as Muslims speak and for as many societies as they belong to. We want our service to you to be effective and your people to be relevant to the cultures they live in. In Christ’s precious name, amen. 


Shouts of joy and victory ring in the tents of the upright: The right hand of the Lord has done great things. The right hand of the Lord is lifted up… (Psalm 118:15-16, SAB).