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Friday, December 29, 2023

God sometimes chooses to speak through dreams and visions. The Bible tells us about people who received direction, warning, blessing and encouragement through dreams and visions. Jacob, Pharaoh, Solomon, Daniel, Joseph the Carpenter, the Wise Men, and Pilate’s wife are among many who were given dreams and visions to comfort, encourage, protect and guide them. The Lord says, “I reveal myself… in visions, I speak… in dreams” (Numbers 12:6). A vision or a dream that comes truly from the Lord and is intended for guidance must be in accordance with God’s Word. There should be no contradiction. In the first two chapters in the New Testament, we read that God gave direction and guidance through dreams five times! These are Matthew 1:20; 2:12, 13, 19, 22.

Muslims often take dreams very seriously. Many of those who come to Christ from Islam do so after having a dream or a vision of or about Jesus.


O Ancient of Days, you who sit upon the throne, all majesty, glory and holiness belong to you. Yet you stoop down to touch us, to guide and comfort us.

Thank you for helping your Church spread the Gospel, and for speaking to Muslims through visions and dreams. I ask you to reveal Jesus Christ, the Son of God, to many Muslims. Show them mercy and bless them. Make your face shine with favor upon them. When they are asleep, awaken their hearts to receive a glimpse of the Lamb that was slain and hear a word from him. Let them encounter Jesus, the Christ, the Savior. Send them believers to lead them by the hand into your Kingdom.

May Muslims be impacted by visions and dreams to change their lives and follow the Shepherd of their souls. I pray that they will put their faith in Christ and be saved by his atoning power.

May what they experience with Jesus while they are asleep continue when they are awake and grow into a holy walk with him (Job 33:15-18). Help them delight in your Word, build their new life in Christ upon it, and meditate on it day and night. Amen.


I revealed myself to those who did not ask for me; I was found by those who did not seek me (Isaiah 65:1, NIV).